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Stylus is an innovation research and trends membership service. We help businesses process global Consumer Lifestyle, Consumer Product and Consumer Engagement insights, stimulating innovation and growth.

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Consumer Lifestyle

Consumer Lifestyle analyses shifting mindsets and behaviours, demographic issues and evolving social frameworks.

Consumer Product

Consumer Product identifies key drivers and inspiration to guide commercial product development.

Consumer Engagement

Consumer Engagement delivers insights, innovations and opportunities in retail, brand marketing, culture and media.


Our four-stage approach ensures we are identifying industry developments that will have substantial business impact.

1. Research: We trawl the globe to investigate and identify emerging trends and innovations, gathering and processing information from industry experts, trade shows, conferences and more.

2. Synthesise: We make sense of emerging trends, establishing patterns, relevance and potential cross-industry impact, and distil them into coherent themes.

3. Deliver: We share our results with Stylus members via online content, webinars, innovation forums, workshops, presentations and beyond.

4. Track: We continue to observe the trajectories and life cycles of our trends, looking at media validation and global influence, as well as cross-industry relevance.

Gen X: Midults Move Up
Consumer Lifestyle Report

Savvy, sceptical and self-reliant, Gen X are reinventing their identity. We single out key attitudes and behaviour shifts, and show brands how to tap into the influence and spending power of this group.

Dutch Design Week 2016: Trends
Consumer Product Report

Dutch Design Week 2016 celebrated the creative process that precedes the end product, while also showcasing the positive role design can play in issues such as waste and overconsumption.

Brands Take a Stand
Consumer Engagement Report

With consumers struggling to make sense of an increasingly volatile world, there's a big opportunity for brands to play a more meaningful role in their lives. But this is no time to sit on the fence – be prepared to take strong positions or risk irrelevancy. We show you how.


"Stylus enables us to see the touchpoints that resonate across different industries, and to pull together a much broader view on trends happening in the world."

Iain Ewing
Head of design, womenswear & accessories
John Lewis


What do you get with Stylus membership?

Membership enables real-time access to Stylus reports, images and analysis as they are published. It provides the latest research into conceptual and emerging trends globally and across industries, specifically with a view to understanding their impact on and application to business. Stylus members get access to:

  • 300+ cross-industry reports published annually
  • Coverage of 130+ leading trade shows and key industry events
  • 50 in-house analysts and industry experts, supported by 100+ contributors
  • On-demand support from a dedicated client services manager
  • Exclusive, members-only biannual Innovation Forums
  • Monthly webinars presented by our in-house analysts


We work with an eclectic range of brands and businesses across a variety of industries. Stylus clients include the biggest and most disruptive global brands, agencies, design firms, start-ups and retailers. These are just a few of the 500+ organisations we work with:

Dentsu / Saatchi & Saatchi / Nestlé / IHG / Ikea / Reebok / Edelman / PepsiCo / Nissan / Target / BBC / Kia / Anheuser-Busch / Adidas / Grey Group / Easyjet / Mattel / Shiseido / Warner Bros. / Bank of America / Luxottica and many more


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We're committed to helping our members drive innovation.

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We are unique in our focus on five core platforms of research:

Luxury Perspectives       Digital Worlds       Sustainable Futures     Fast Consumption     Wraparound Wellness

We believe these five platforms represent the primary drivers of cross-industry innovation and disruption across the globe today.

Together, these Innovation Platforms serve as a filter for all our research and reporting, enabling us to pinpoint the most relevant trends and insights for our members.


"There are many sources out there about trends, about the future, about what's going to happen. Stylus gives us the most creatively inspiring and connected take on those issues."

Paul Simonet
European strategy director

Our Experts

Consisting of 50 analysts and researchers, the Stylus team is joined by over 100 global contributors in 33 countries. We are passionate about sharing our expertise, intelligence and insights. Think of us as your in-house innovation team.

Stylus Blog

Updated daily, these short-form studies provide bite-sized snapshots of the most innovative developments across consumer lifestyle, product and engagement. These posts feed into, bolster and validate our core reporting.

Advisory Services

Stylus Advisory offers members tailored support over and above the Stylus membership offering. We work with you to solve your organisation’s unique challenges.

SMG Events

Comprised of Decoded Fashion, unbound and Creative Business Cup, our series of global events brings you closer to the people and brands that are using creative and technological innovation to drive business growth.


News and insights for the innovators, the creators and the curious.

Stylus Curve is our free, inspirational news site designed for anyone interested in creativity and innovation.

Our team of trend experts use exacting criteria to identify the must-read stories of the day concerning global innovation and the creative industries.